Target Segmentation Coding's system, classifies every U.S. household into consumer segments based on household preferences for a broad range of products and behaviors. Target Segmentation Coding offers the most extensive set of supplementary market research databases and links to third party data of any segmentation system in the industry. This allows marketers access to a wealth of research, which can be used to pinpoint the products and services that their best customers are most likely to use. It is this wide scope of Target Segmentation Coding's external links that allows marketers to construct a portrait of their customers, enabling them to better understand, find and engage with their best clients and prospects. Target Segmentation Coding external links allow for company-wide integration of a single customer concept.

Beyond coding records for analysis, using Target Segmentation Coding 3D Marketing Results (3DMR) can also provide estimates of markets and trade areas for location analytics, as well as profile databases for behaviors ranging from leisure time preferences such as shopping, eating, favorite magazines, and TV shows, all of which can help to craft ad messaging and media strategy. Components of the Target Segmentation Coding system can be grouped by the stage of customer analysis:



Coding Customer Records

Comparing coded customer records to trade area

Determining segment characteristics for demographics, lifestyle, media, and other behaviors


Household-level coding

Geodemographic coding and/or fill in 

Current-year segment distributions

Five-year segment distributions 

Household Demographic Profiles

Neighborhood Demographic Profiles

Energy Behavior Profiles

Technology Behavior Profiles

Financial Product Profiles

Insurance Product Profiles

Consumer Profiles

Income Producing Assets and Net Worth Profiles GFK

Mediamark Research & Intelligence® (MRI) Profiles Polk Automotive Profiles

Television Premium Profiles

Custom surveys or databases 

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